YouTube Video Marketing – How To Power Your Profits

CharlieSpeakingAtRickTashman'sMeetup08-25-2013 CharlieSpeakingAtRickTashman'sMeetup08-25-2013-2YouTube Video Marketing – there are lots of questions about how to use YouTube videos best, so I gave a talk to a very interested group of entrepreneurs.

Had a great time presenting at Rick Tashman’s Original Philadelphia Entrepreneur Meetup. And I invited all of those in attendance to join Dr. Marc and me at jvAlert Live Philly when we present about how to use video marketing to power your profits.

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The outline of my YouTube Video Marketing To Power Your Profits talk included:

How To Get The Most Out Of YouTube

Parts of YouTube To Pay Attention To:

    • Title

    • Description

    • Tags

    • Name of uploaded file

    • Playlists

    • Connecting to YouTube, Facebook, G+

    • Selecting Your Own Cover Image

    • How To Go Viral

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Rick Tashman and I have daughters that are about the same age and have children about the same age. Now you know what that reference means on the recording.


A Snippet Of The Transcript

Charlie Seymour Jr: We’re going to talk about YouTube. To be successful online, there are three things you really need to do. You need to get found, you need to engage, and you need to build an automated, profitable system for the follow-up, because we’ll all fall down on follow-up.

I want to tell you about getting found. I happened to be over at Whole Foods today, and I’m sitting there at dinner, and this very attractive woman walks by and she says to me, “Aren’t you that video marketing guy?”

I said, “Well, yes I am.” She promptly sits down and we have this terrific conversation. One of the things she says to me was, “I was in bed and I was thinking about you.” Honest to God, that’s what she said. (Thanks, Kim!)

She had seen me at another talk, so getting up and talking in front of people is certainly a way to be remembered. She was waiting for a girlfriend to show up to Whole Foods because they were going to have dinner together, and when her friend did not show up at Whole Foods to have dinner with her, I invited her to join us here tonight.

This may be embellished, but she’ll have to tell you whether I embellish it more than what it was. I can assure you, I am going home to my wife to say that Kim said she was thinking about me while she was in bed.

I had a question earlier. “Didn’t you just become a grandfather?” You’d seen that, right?
One of the things we need to do is we need to get found and have our message out there, because if nobody finds you online, you don’t exist.

It’s sad to realize, John, that nobody is looking you up under your name to start off with to find somebody who does what you do.

John: You can’t be that narcissistic.

Charlie: You can’t be, you know? I wish everybody in the world knew that. Oprah, maybe they are, but for the rest of us, they’re not. They’re looking for what we do.

YouTube is one place to put videos on. I’m going to tell you about some of the other things it’s really great for doing. Do you know that it’s the second most used search engine on the internet?

How many people go and look up things in the manual for whatever is not working, or do you go online to find the answer? If you have a how to question, I guarantee you, if you go to YouTube, somebody has told you how to do it.

YouTube is the 600 pound gorilla for a reason. I just was on a blog post today and a guy was saying, “Is this one better or is that one better? Why do I use YouTube?” There are lots of reasons to use YouTube, and one of the reasons is because it’s the second most used search engine.

Who owns YouTube? Google. Does Google give preferential treatment to things on YouTube? I’m recording this, I have no idea. I have no idea if they do. I really don’t know. Do I want to question that? Do I want to challenge? Do I want to take the risk? No.

I will tell you that every single video that we do, and we do a lot of them, it’s one of the reasons we’re known as the Video Marketing Guys, goes onto YouTube. It’s not the only place it goes, but it goes onto YouTube.

Rick has asked me to speak on a couple of things, so I put a little agenda together. The first thing is how do I get those videos seen when they’re YouTube? The title of your video is very important.

You’re titling it for two distinct reasons. I can’t say for people, and that’s going to give away my answer. The first one is for the person to see it. When somebody sees what your video is about, you want a human being to understand it.

The other thing you’re doing is for the algorithm on YouTube and/or as it gets over to Google to understand it.

We often will say the subject matter up front. It could be “Website design” dash, and then what I’d want to say about it. Put your keyword up front would be one suggestion. It’s not the only one.

Sometimes you want to ask it as a question. Questions literally go in the brain in a different place, so it makes people think in a different way. You need them to open it.

The title on it is one of the most important things in your algorithm, and I’m testing one right now because I have a whole series of these that I’ve been doing. One of them I just put up today, is showing me terrible other videos when that video comes up. We want to see other videos that show up.

If you ever see on YouTube, there are always videos on the right hand side. When the video is over, they come on the screen. It’s getting disgusting videos with it, and I think, “What have I done?” It has the exact same keywords, so I haven’t figured that out yet. I can tell you that words are important when it comes to what your video is. Remember that the title is really important when you do a video.

Why are we doing videos? To get found and to engage. Not only has Kim seen me get up in front of a group to speak before, but she’s seen some of the videos there online.

We’re a partnership, there are two of us. He’s off doing something else, Rick asked me today if I would speak so I said sure, I’d be happy to. People walk into the room and say, “Hi, Dr. Marc. Hi Charlie.” I’m the only one who calls him Dr. Marc. His wife is also a psychologist. I don’t call her Dr. Deb.

I created that for him because. . . .


YouTube Video Marketing – How To Power Your Profits

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