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Who Are Dr. Marc and Charlie?

Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr made the decision to team up in 2010 after meeting twice a month over several years in a business-development group and discussing their mutual passion for helping people, marketing, and business growth.

Their partnership is the chemical reaction that results from locking a video-crazed MBA marketer and an entrepreneurial psychologist in a room for too long. Theirs is a very exciting story to share with you.

And after working together only six months, they wrote a book in under 91 days and took it to #1 Best Seller on Amazon.com’s List for Entrepreneurs. And they have created hundreds of videos to promote their clients’ businesses as well as their own.

These two bald guys are here to help! In this highly-niched, boutique marketing firm, they lead a team of assistants, bloggers, writers, and assistant editors… yet they personally stay deeply involved with every client.

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Dr. Marc (at) TheVideoMarketingDoctor.com
Charlie (at) CharlieTheMarketer.com

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Charlie Seymour Jr: Little did he know at the age of six, while sitting on the stage in his first theatrical production, that his business life would lead him to help professionals and executives profit from story telling through video marketing while creating their own legends online. Charlie brings his unique background, experience, and skill together to deliver exceptional service to his clients.

Who is Charlie Seymour Jr? First, he’s a guy who knows in his heart how powerful video is. Not long after losing his father, he started a website, LessonsFromMyGrandson.com, so that his grandson would never grow up not knowing who Charlie is. When people run from a burning or flooded building, they grab their photo albums to keep their memories alive, and that’s probably because their videos are now protected online. He’s one of FIVE generations in his family to direct at the same local theater and his passion outside of his career has been directing “rip your heart out” big musicals like Sweeney Todd, Evita, Cabaret, West Side Story, Follies, A Chorus Line, Hunchback of Notre Dame (which he wrote), and more.

He’s also an Award-Winning Video Producer and Still Photographer; Theater Director, Producer, Actor, Coach; Award-Winning Salesman; #1 Best-Selling Author; Long-time Glazer-Kennedy Student and Marketer; Speaker, Storyteller, Featured Guest in Webinars and Meetups; and oh, yes: he has an MBA from Wharton. Charlie is not so easily defined. But the thread running through all his varied interests and activities can be summed up as this: Charlie is a marketer with a passion for storytelling that calls people to action.

In business, Charlie and Dr. Marc help mid-career professionals (like experienced attorneys, doctors, dentists, accountants, therapists, and more) and owners of privately-held companies (with annual sales up to $37 million) become Celebrated Experts online. No ordinary look-like-everyone-else, run-of-the-mill slaves in their practices, but giants who Get Out from the Crowd.

Dr. Marc and Charlie are video-crazy marketing experts who make you look and sound great. And their passion shows through YOUR success. Their Special Report, Power Your Profits Through Online Video Marketing, clearly demonstrates how you can Dominate the Google Search Results and OWN your niche, helping you 1) Get Found, 2) Engage with your Ideal Audience, and 3) Create Automated Systems to Follow Up and Build Profitable Relationships. (To get a copy of their Special Report, sign in here now: The Video Marketing Guys – Click Here For More Info:  Power Your Profits With The Video Marketing Guys – Click Here For More Info!)

See How Charlie Earned His 10,000 Hours Of Expertise

Even at an early age, Charlie created stories for people that others wanted to watch. He received his first camera (Brownie: remember them?) at age four and went on to become a professional photographer. He began his video career at age 11 at the side of Robert J. Kerr, the Dupont scientist (and community-theater director) who was a leading specialist in the creation of video tape at a time when a “home machine” weighed 37 pounds and you had to wind the tape from reel to reel. Charlie started directing 3-camera video recordings at age 11 and now regularly has up to five cameras running at the same time: he rightfully gets blamed for the ideas behind many of the wild and wacky videos you see on DrMarcAndCharlie.com and YouTube! He knows that videos are entertainment plus great information: THAT’S how to get people to watch!

Charlie knows how to get the most from you when creating videos. He appeared in his first main-stage production at age six and directed his first three-act play in 7th grade. He performed in at least one play or musical a year through his college years, founding the student-musical-theater group, Torn Ticket, at Tufts University in 1971, for which he received an Alumni Service Citation. And he wrote and directed The Hunchback of Notre Dame as a major musical with New York composer, Neil Radisch. Charlie then started his own Video and Still-Photography Business in 2000, creating several award-winning, feature-length videos in addition to the Wedding, Family Portrait, and Bar and Bar Mitzvah still photography he became so well known for.

Charlie specializes in documentary-style video stories: they range from 90-minute stories about a Habitat for Humanity house-building project, high school class, state championship football team, or a local band to 5-minute shorts that paint a profile of a local business person. His creative storytelling on video has flipped him upside down to show that he “sees the world in a different way,” put a dream sequence into an iPad-case-demonstration video for PLUSMotif, put his audience into the fire and molten-lead crystal for world-famous designer Peter Yenawine, and shown him and Dr. Marc pushing a table of books onto the floor to demonstrate how their book replaced all of those on the table. Clearly he can bring a different viewpoint to YOUR story too.

And he’s known for his many on-location interviews where he is able to draw out clients’ expertise, warmth, and personality, elevating their status for the audience. You don’t get “the same look that everyone else gets” when Charlie does an interview with you – you get a unique, well-crafted story that tells people why they should work with you. And if you need a short Welcome Video for your website, he knows how to create that as well.

But Charlie brings more than his creativity and shiny-headed good looks to the table. In real estate, he generated $247,368,657.97 in personal sales and more than $1 billion through his marketing leadership skills, being named the Top Salesman in all of Philadelphia; he ran professional theaters in Princeton, NJ and St. Louis, MO; he operated his own photography/video production company; and he continues to consult about (and use) Web 2.0 technology (especially video production, YouTube, LinkedIn, Traffic Geyser, blogging, podcasting, Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter); he directed musical theater (in his “spare” time); and now runs The Video Marketing Guys with his business partner, Dr. Marc Kossmann.

A Boomer himself, Charlie recently spent time studying the buying habits of his generation leading to the insight that, “We’ve gone from Success To Significance in what drives us. We have the things and now want to be sure to leave our mark ON the world (and on at least one other person IN this world). We need to get our stories out, to profit others and ourselves.” He embodies that for himself as well as his clients.

Charlie has two beautiful, talented, and grown daughters (Stacie and Liz), a son-in-law (Chris), a grandson (Beckett), and new granddaughter (Isabel) who enrich his life in everything they do. He lives outside of Philadelphia in Wallingford, PA USA with his wife, Pam, a cat, a dog, 7 computers, and 8 cameras!


Charlie was recognized by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and Verified as a Best Selling Author – Click Here For More Info!

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Dr. Marc Kossmann: What do the Internet, psychology, video, entrepreneurship, marketing, meditation, a black belt, and motorcycles have in common? Let’s find out.

All marketers might be said to be students of human behavior, but few have earned a doctoral degree in the science of human behavior or have actually specialized in the study of brain-behavior relationships.

Dr. Marc Kossmann originally trained in neuropsychology and worked with people who suffered brain injuries and other neurological problems. He then spent over 10 years working with cancer patients in a multi-disciplinary medical oncology practice. After nine years of specialized study in psychology and earning a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, he spent 20 years helping people understand the nature of emotional and behavioral problems they experienced and then working through the needed changes to improve the quality of their lives.

Along the way, Dr. Marc got bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. While graduate training in psychology (like most professions) does not provide even five minutes of training in the business of building a business, it became clear to Dr. Marc that every business owner and professional is in the business of solving problems. It also became clear that connecting “people with problems” to the solutions they need is accomplished through marketing. In the process of building several of his own businesses, from a psychology practice to a real estate investing company and now co-founding a video-marketing firm, Dr. Marc became a serious student of the psychology of marketing.

Dr. Marc specializes in helping clients totally dominate search results online by first creating attention-getting, compelling video-promotional messages tied to the keywords most important to that business. Then he creates many different versions of those video promotional messages. And then all of that content is published over and over again to multiple online video-sharing sites. Feeding the search engines so much great content results in total domination when someone searches those keywords.

When asked, “Why online video marketing?” Dr. Marc responds, “Because of the power of video as a communication tool. It’s better than face-to-face in the sense that you can put an edited, polished version of yourself and your message out to millions of people—but they have a very personal, one-to-one interaction with you on their end.”

“But that’s only half the story,” he continues. “Video’s power is in reaching out and connecting with your ideal client, customer, or patient. But to do that, first you have to get found when that person goes online to research the problem they have—you know… the problem you’re ideally positioned to solve with your business or practice! And that requires building a Dominant Total-Web Presence. It’s not just about a great website anymore. You have to think outside the website and learn to dominate the organic search results with great content you have published and syndicated out to lots of different web locations.

“Video works because Google LOVES video. Google purchased YouTube because they have the data to show that people prefer video. They want to watch information more than they want to read. We are, after all, a culture raised watching television. So if you want to get found online, you need video.”

Dr. Marc adds, “When you look at a typical search-results page on Google, follow your eyes as you scan the page. Notice that images trump text when it comes to attracting your attention. But now look at a search results page that offers your eye text, images, AND the enticing image of a video player. Which gives you the greatest urge to click? Regardless of your personal preference, Google knows that the overwhelming majority of people will click on that video player, and THAT is why Google owns YouTube.

“So, like Google, we focus on video in our marketing because video is what people respond to. And when you combine the power of video with the reach of the Internet, you have a phenomenal force of nature. If you want to Get Found by your ideal client… if you want to Engage with your ideal customer or patient… then You Need Video! It’s as simple as that.”

In addition to doctoral training in psychology, Dr. Marc brings an Eastern flavor to his work. A long-time student of multiple martial arts (along the way achieving a black-belt level of expertise in Tae Kwon Do), Dr. Marc developed an interest and spent many years studying and practicing Buddhist meditation.

He once spent nine full days living with Buddhist monks in complete silence, studying the mind from within and understanding that patterns and habits of the mind are a powerful force of nature. Meditation reveals not only how mental patterns are formed but also how they can be changed by conscious awareness and insight. Now as an adjunct professor in a graduate psychology program, Dr. Marc teaches counselors how to use mindfulness meditation in their own lives and in their work with clients.

Other factors also shaped Dr. Marc’s tendency to see patterns from outside the box. A first generation American, he grew up speaking Italian before learning English, and he often traveled abroad as a child, learning to see his own culture from both the inside and the outside. In high school and college, he studied Russian just for the challenge of learning a language that was totally foreign and unfamiliar to him.

Seeking challenges and finding an exciting edge to life are important to Dr. Marc. Whether it’s riding motorcycles through twisting mountain passes or leaving the grid for a week at a time to test his survival skills on back-country backpacking adventures, he likes to bring a little fun and adrenaline into every marketing project. “Hell, if it isn’t fun, then why are we doing it?”

After all, that edge is part of what entrepreneurship is all about. Having an idea and being willing to invest heart, soul, and dollars to bring a new concept to life and then turn it into a profitable enterprise—that’s exciting stuff. So after developing several business ventures of his own, Dr. Marc has dedicated his skills to helping other entrepreneurs and business owners succeed by understanding that marketing is a profit center for your business, not an expense.

“Marketing is what connects your solution to the pain your ideal client, customer, or patient experiences, and marketing enables that person to change his or her current pattern and be more successful in life through your help. Both marketing and psychology are about understanding the pain that motivates a person and then helping that person find the best possible solution to the source of that pain.”

Dr. Marc concludes, “Marketing is relationship building. Marketing is problem solving. Marketing is about facilitating change. Marketing is a psychological intervention that brings profit to your business or practice by making sure people immediately recognize you as the expert solution to their current pain or problem.”

Dr. Marc lives with his wife Deb (also a clinical psychologist) and two exceptional cats just outside of Philadelphia, PA USA.

Marc was recognized by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and Verified as a Best Selling Author – Click Here For More Info!

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To see our individual work (and where we now spend most of our time), Go Here:

Dr. Marc Kossmann OR Charlie Seymour Jr