What Else?

You Ask, “What Else Do Dr. Marc and Charlie Do?” This will tell you!

How Can You Profit From Our Experiences?

With 57 websites, we have a lot of material niched to specific markets and needs. In addition to “Bringing Your Marketing To Life Through Video,” <i>THIS</i> website brings all we do together so you get a clear picture of how we can help YOU.

    • On one website (CreateYourOwnLegendNow.com), you are taken through a process called Create Your Own Legend Now in video, audio, and print. Through that process, you get positioned not just to stand out but to Get Out from the limitations imposed by being identified solely as a member of your professional peer group.
    • One of our websites shows you how to Dominate + Automate: DOMINATE your online search results and then AUTOMATE the follow up with all the new people who are interested in you. Does your marketing suck? (It doesn’t have to!) Do you hate selling but need the sales to survive (don’t we all!). Discover our free Demo – see how we combine video, text, email, voicemail, websites, QR Codes, and more to build your Ultimate Automated Sales Machine.
    • In another (ExpertMarketingAcademy.com), you see our Do-It-Yourself Courses that let you gain from our experiences. This is the basis for what we teach, how we coach, and what we do for you when you know that you are too busy to learn everything that we’ve learned.
    • If you want to take advantage of all the power of video syndication but don’t want to take the time we spent to become experts in it, then you need to see our Marketing Business System website!
    • IF you find that your online profile has become a Disastrous Internet Identity (Dii), discover how we can help you push all those nasty statements down while creating the Legend you want and deserve: RepairYourOwnLegendNow.com
    • And then there are attention-grabbing video samples, audio podcast lessons, webinars, tools, and eCourses to speed your success. You find them by clicking on the Menu line above.

As we said in the video, go above the video to the top right of this page and click on “Dominate + Automate” inside that red oval. Join the free demo and discover how that system can help you. Then come back, look around this website to find what can help you. We’ll show you our work on several of our sites. Click the links here and in the menu line to learn more.

We’re two bald guys ready to help!

Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr

PS: Our partnership is the chemical reaction that results from locking an entrepreneurial psychologist and a video-crazed MBA marketer in a room for too long. Our work is very exciting and we have a huge story to share with you.

And after working together only six months, we wrote a book in under 91 days and took it to #1 Best Seller on Amazon.com’s List for Entrepreneurs. And during our first year, we produced record-setting videos and do-it-yourself courses to teach you how we did it. First we work out all the kinks and then we show you how to do it too. Let us know how we can help YOU too!

Special Report + Webinar: Power Your Profits
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To see our individual work (and where we now spend most of our time), Go Here:

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