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Video Marketing Services By Dr. Marc and Charlie

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One size doesn’t fit all and one video-marketing solution doesn’t either… so it’s time to discover what we can do to grow your business and increase your profits through video marketing.

What good is marketing online if you can’t Get Found in the midst of all the noise? 97% of consumers research their problems online before they even consider looking for a specific product or service. So you know that your ideal client, customer, or patient is going to use the web. If you are not immediately found with a dominant online presence that positions you as THE easily recognized expert solution to their problem: well, then – you are simply invisible.

How do we know this works? Because we practice what we preach. In a recent two week period, expert professionals from Dallas, TX to Las Cruces, NM to Washington, DC found us and contacted us. We are easily found by OUR ideal clients because we have online dominance through our online video content about online video marketing. We’ve been to San Diego, Vancouver, Orlando, New York City, Toronto, not to mention our own back yard in the Philadelphia area. Get our Special Report, Power Your Profits, when you log in here: The Video Marketing Guys – Click Now!

Try this quick experiment: Go to your favorite search engine and search for YOUR name, and compare the results to a search of one or both of OUR names. Do you like YOUR results or OUR results better? (We can show you how to get OUR results!)

Why Online Video Marketing?

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Why video and not just text or audio? Video is the most engaging medium there is – it attracts your prospects and keeps their attention (when done correctly, of course). It shows your personality especially when you are on camera, and people like to work with PEOPLE, not impersonal corporations. It sets you apart from others in your field who still refuse to see the power of video. And with four BILLION videos watched every day (and that statistic is just from YouTube – lots more in total), it’s clear that people love to watch video. They grew up watching TV and movies, and most still prefer to watch rather than read.

And video works for EVERY kind of business. It will get your phone to ring! And did you know:

    • Video increases the likelihood of a front-page Google search result by 96% with proper page optimization. (Source: Forrester)
    • Product display pages that have videos are 95% more likely to be bought. (Source: Internet Retailer)
    • Video adds two minutes to visitors’ stays on retail sites. (Source: Comscore)

Oh, sure… you could spend a ton of money on old-school, ineffective methods like yellow pages, newspaper ads, institutional advertising on TV and radio… but people will STILL search for you online to learn more about you. In fact, research shows that 80% of people will do a specific Google search on your name if they even consider doing business with you. (Remind us:  how do you look in those search results?) And now they search with their smartphones and tablets not just their computers – and video is great for those as well!

And though you could learn how to do your own videos if you were willing to take the time to master the techniques (just like you can learn how to repair your car, fix the roof on your house, or even pull out a bad tooth) and then learn all the marketing skills needed to get your videos in front of prospects who are searching for you, you don’t have to: THAT’S why you came here.

It’s time to learn what we do to generate profit for our clients:

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Types Of Videos We Produce

There are lots of video types that we create:

    • Website Welcome videos
    • Branding and Positioning videos like “Become A Celebrated Expert Through An Interview Series” and “Build Your Rock Star Status” documentary-style videos
    • Testimonial videos, either with on-camera spoken testimonials or animated hand-drawing of what people said
    • Product Demonstration Videos
    • Information Product and Course Videos
    • Promotion Videos for Info Products, Live Events, Businesses
    • Ultimate Automated Sales Machine and other Name-Capture Website Videos
    • Webinars, ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour
    • Commercials to get people to a webinar, podcast, blog post, etc
    • Time-Lapse, Attention-Grabbing Video
    • Online-Search-Results Domination Videos in animation or a series of still images

But this is NOT just video creation. There are lots of people who can produce a video for you. This is about marketing and generating business. We know that savvy people like you understand that marketing is not a business expense. Marketing is the primary profit driver for your business or practice. And when you combine the impact of video with the reach of the Internet, you create a marketing power-house.

We help create the story, direct and edit the video, produce it for the Internet, and then syndicate it to video-sharing websites to power your profits through the domination of search-engine results. And we can create your videos on location, in our studio, or independently for videos that are animated.

We strongly believe in education-based marketing versus people jumping up and down and yelling “buy my crap!” in a most undignified manner. Nobody wants to watch that! But when you put lots of high-quality, education-based content out on the Internet, tag it with keywords related to the problems your ideal clients, customers, or patients are researching on the web so they find it at the very minute they need it, they will immediately recognize you as THE expert solution they need to solve their problems. Then, with a strong call to action, your video can lead them to an automated name-capture system that will follow up with them over and over again, building the relationship, making special offers, and leading them to contact you when they are ready to do business with you.

And we do all the work – the videos, the syndicating to lots of video-sharing websites to have you dominate the search results, and the follow-up systems!

That’s right: we do all the work and you get all the leads. You Get Found by your ideal prospects, you Engage with them, and they get Follow-Up messages and videos from you until they are ready to spend their money with you! We build comprehensive marketing SYSTEMS that use the power of video and the reach of the Internet to create a dominant online presence for you. (Get our Special Report, Power Your Profits, when you log in here: The Video Marketing Guys – Click Now!)

So… What Do Dr. Marc And Charlie Do?

    • Take you through our Define Phase Questionnaire and Planning Guide, developing the content used to create the Interview Video Session or the promotional videos needed to position you as THE Celebrated Expert in your field
    • We create ALL the video content, the Follow-up System including the name-capture minisite, and syndicate your finished videos throughout the Internet
    • We do all the work – you get all the leads

What’s Next?

To find out if you qualify to have us build your Celebrated Expert status, receive our comprehensive Define Phase Questionnaire and Planning Guide, get us to interview you, build a name-capture minisite for you, and send you all the leads, contact us right away. Email is probably best.

We look forward to chatting about your success. Contact us now.

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