Video Marketing Minute with Dr. Marc and Charlie – How To Get An RSVP

By Charlie Seymour Jr Video Marketing Minute with Dr. Marc and Charlie – How To Get An RSVP In this episode, Video Marketing expert Charlie Seymour Jr says that you must give your clients and prospects many ways to reply to you. Don’t expect them to call you because YOU like to use the phone – you have to think of THEM and give them a way to reply to you that fits THEIR life style.

For instance – There was a marketer who used to have us sign up online to his large conferences, but then we had to FAX our registration materials to him. At the time, I didn’t have a fax machine any more because I did everything online or through email. So for me to be able to register, I had to get in my car, drive to the local Staples, and then send a fax from there.


It has been found that people who email, enjoy a way to email back and forth. Or Text, text back and forth. Or phone, phone back and forth.

So for you to be successful when you want someone to RSVP or sign up for something, offer them several methods and your response rate will increase!

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Video Marketing Minute with Dr. Marc and Charlie – How To Get An RSVP


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