Video Marketing Interview – Dr. Marc and Charlie with Melody Campbell

Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr, founders of The Video Marketing Guys

Melody Campbell is The Small Business Guru and has her own show: Get More Business Show. People join her live show to discuss business building for small business owners and independent retailers. Host Melody Campbell, interviews guest experts, like Dr. Marc and Charlie, that specialize in strategies for building your business.

Since Melody and Dr. Marc and Charlie are all active on LinkedIn, Melody made the connection and invited these two bald guys, known as The Video Marketing Guys, on her show.

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Here is a portion of the transcript, starting partway into the interview:

Melody: Yes. That’s probably how you decided to come down to being just the video marketing guys. Instead of the content guys, now you’re the video marketing guys.

Charlie: Right. The video marketing guys. Dr. Marc loves to tell—should I let you tell this story about the first videos that were done?

Dr. Marc: Oh, sure. This was a little bit of an interesting moment in our partnership, in the sense that Charlie actually had the official background in photography and videography. I mean, he did it professionally. He had a whole business.
I had no experience whatsoever in terms of creating and editing video, other than what your typical person might have with their family. Came along a project and I said, “You know, Charlie, let me take this one on.”

He was very gracious and he was clearly humoring me, and he said, “Okay, sure. You go ahead.” Meanwhile he was sort of planning on his calendar when he was going to have to redo the entire thing because this rank amateur was about to create this thing.

I guess I kind of impressed him with what I came back with, because he looked at it and he said, “How the hell did you do that?” I pointed over to my little best friend, the MacBook Pro. At the time, and there’s a whole back story of why we were staring out this way, but we were intentionally trying to start with the most basic equipment possible because we were trying to show people that they could do this themselves.

I just had iMovie, which comes with your MacBook Pro, and I’d created this video. The next day, Charlie went out and bought a MacBook Pro.

Charlie: It’s interesting, because the way I tell the story is, I was real good at doing what I had to do, and I knew my horizon. I’m holding my hands up now, Melody, about a foot and a half wide. That was my horizon, and I knew what I could do really well within that foot and a half of a horizon.

Well, Dr. Marc comes and he shows me what he’s done with that video. All of a sudden, and now my arms are outstretched all the way as far as they can, that was now my horizon to say, “Whoa. All right. All this stuff I was doing on Windows operating system, with not a fancy, fancy editing system,” though I had had some. I had done some documentary-length videos and that sort of thing. “Now you can do this sort of thing, wow, on a Mac?”

Now we’re both on Macs. He has a new MacBook Pro, I have a Mac Pro, and I do a lot fancier things. Truth be told, we often say, “Give a man, give a person, a fish, he or she will eat today. Teach them how to fish, eat forever.” Most people don’t want to learn how to fish. They want to be given the video that’s finished.

We teach people how to do it. The things that we talk about on the website you already mentioned,, we teach people how to do it. We tell them why they should do it, but most people don’t want to. They’re the doctor, the lawyer, the candlestick maker, the business owner, the storefront brick and mortar owner. They don’t want to go learn a whole new thing.

I don’t change the oil in my car. I don’t happen to climb up to the third floor to clean out the gutters. I have people who know what they’re doing come to do that for lots of reasons.

Dr. Marc: You know, Melody, I think there’s a lesson for all entrepreneurs out there in that little story about the MacBook Pro. I come in being completely, blissfully ignorant about what the limitations are supposed to be, and I think that’s one of the most powerful things about being entrepreneurial, is that you don’t know what you’re not supposed to be able to do, so you go out and do it.

It’s kind of like writing the book in 91 days. In my mind, I had an idea of how things were done, and Charlie came along and kind of broke me out of that mold, and we did it in 91 days. The video is the same kind of thing. Charlie had his professional mindset of how you go about creating a video and editing it. I just came along with the attitude of playing, and in playing, I broke lots of rules and created something fun and creative.

I think that is the power of small business and entrepreneurs out there, as opposed to corporate America, where you have to go through 10 different layers of bureaucracy to get anything approved. That’s why we like working with small business, we like working with entrepreneurs. I’m guessing that’s why you like doing this show.

Melody: Exactly. Someone asked me the other day, she does a radio show for a local radio station, and I was so tickled I got to join her as her guest on that show. I said, “I get to do real radio!”

She said, “No. What you’ve been doing for four years is exactly what I do.”

I just decided to get on here and play, and that’s what entrepreneurs do. They just get out there. They don’t know what they can’t do or what they’re not supposed to do, and they don’t have anyone looking over their shoulder saying, “Well, that’s not exactly our policy.” They just go do it and get things done.

I’m kind of excited about video, although I have to admit, as I was getting ready for this show and I started looking at all the really creative stuff you guys do, it kind of made me exhausted. You’re right.

Dr. Marc: Join the crowd

Charlie: No, that’s true.

Dr. Marc: It is true. There is a high level of technicalities to some of these things. That is sort of the intimidating part, I guess. The thing we always tell people is that doing any kind of video is better than doing no video. You don’t need to start out by creating things that are fancy and have three or four or five cameras running at the same time, the way we sometimes do, or edit things in Final Cut Pro or, often as we do, using multiple video editing programs that we’re then mixing and matching and combining together.

You can start with the most basic camera that’s built into your computer or on your phone, and create some video content about your business and get it out there. That’s the most important part, is that the video gets pulled by Google up front because they’re looking to create a media-rich environment in the search results so they’re hungry for that content.

Now, clearly, that better and more entertaining your video is, the more it’s going to be effective and the more people are going to watch it, but it does fall into the three primary objectives that Charlie and I are always trying to achieve for our clients and recommend for your audience as well. Those are, you need to get found online, otherwise all bets are off. No matter what you create, if it’s not out there, if it’s not properly optimized and all over the place in a way that’s visible, then it doesn’t matter what the video is.

The second component is, it’s got to be engaging. You’ve got to grab your ideal audience at an emotional level and make them sit up and take notice, because there’s so much noise out there on the web. It’s got to have a certain kind of entertainment, or edge, or emotion to it to draw them in.

Then you have to have automated follow up systems built into your marketing campaign, because you simply can’t do it on manual mode in this day and age. You’ll drop the ball. No matter how good intentioned you are in terms of having a list of people you’re going to follow up with and call, you have to feed them into an automated system that at least helps you reach out and touch them repeatedly over time, in an automated fashion. Especially for small business and entrepreneurs, there’s not enough of you to go around.

Charlie: Melody, I want to jump back to something that you had asked earlier, because I jotted this down. “How did you narrow your focus to become the video marketing guys, and why?” Because we started off with more content, we found that it was successful. Video had all the things that we wanted it to do, and as Dr. Marc points out, once you have the video, you also have the audio, and then you can transcribe the audio and you now have the words typed out.

It did everything. If we’re just doing audio today, we can’t show everyone how gorgeous you are where you’re out there. It’s a little earlier where you are for us right now. Right? We can’t do that because we don’t have that, but that’s why we narrowed our focus. It just did everything that we wanted to and we saw the power of it.

Of course, it was at a time when Google was buying YouTube and videos were really taking off, and everything that we do now, in our business, is geared toward online. We’re not doing video to put it on television. We don’t need to have great big equipment.

Back in the year 2000, when I started with my video company, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on three-chip cameras and all this big video editing equipment. You can go do it for almost, not really a song, but you can do it a lot more reasonably these days. Dr. Marc points out you can do it with you phone.

My own phone is too good a quality. I did a video of my grandson going into the ocean and turning back away, and it was about a two or three minute video when I finally edited the whole thing, all done on my phone so that I could prove to people that we could do that. On an iPhone, I happen to be Android, it’s a Samsung. We can do it these days.

Melody: Yes. Yes, and there are a lot of people who are doing just that. Thank god for you two, because there’s some really interesting garbage out there. People spend hours watching it because it’s interesting and it’s engaging. It’s just exciting.

Charlie: It is exciting. What we’re finding with YouTube is, it used to be that people would put a corporate video onto their website. We still recommend video on a website, but not the old style corporate, “Here I am and this is who I am, so come do work with me.” No, that’s not what we’re looking for.

YouTube is not only important because it houses the videos. It’s also the second-most used search engine. When people are looking for things they will type in “How do I, How do you?” Any how-to kind of question is answered really well. I don’t go to the manuals any more for things that I buy. I go onto YouTube. Someone is going to show me how to do it.

Dr. Marc: You’re not alone, Charlie. Melody, you were just saying, people love it, people go on it. Here’s a little tiny factoid to wrap our brains around: 89 million people, just in the United States, are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today, and every day. 1.2 billion video views per day on YouTube right now. It’s pretty darn popular.

Melody: Wow.

Charlie: It’s not just watching the video there. Every time we put a video up, I want to give you a few tips on using YouTube. Is that okay?

Melody: Sure.

Charlie: At this point? Okay. Good. Every time you put a video up to YouTube, it needs your live link. When I say live, I mean…

Video Marketing Interview – Dr. Marc and Charlie with Melody Campbell

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