Talking Online Video Marketing With Optometrist Dr. James Hall

Talking Online Video Marketing With Optometrist Dr. James Hall

A Business Spotlight Interview

by Dr. Marc Kossmann

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. James Hall in Ardmore, PA. Dr. Hall is an optometrist and owner of Ardmore Eye Care. Our conversation covered a variety of topics about his practice and about the marketing of an optometry practice in this era of the Internet, social media, and the growing popularity of video on the web.

I’m still playing around with the format of Business Spotlight Interviews. So, for this latest interview, I’ve decided to pull out different specific topic areas and create stand-alone segments to keep things shorter and more focused. Stay tuned for future segments pulled from my interview with Dr. Jim Hall. But in this segment, we’re going to chat about the power of online video to grow and promote a professional practice.

Today We’re Talking About Online Video

Here’s what you’ll learn in this segment:

  •   Why you want to remember to ask for video copies when you’re interviewed
  •   How video builds credibility and authority
  •   How video holds more attention on a web page
  •   Why mobile devices drive the popularity of video
  •   The importance of knowing your audience

In addition, we explore some of the obstacles that stop professionals from using video more often, including:

  •   Time
  •   Cost
  •   Finding good, expert help

How To Get In Touch With Dr. James Hall of Ardmore Eye Care

Visit Ardmore Eye Care’s website at
You can also give Dr. James Hall a call at 610-642-2151

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