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With hundreds of videos produced each year and clients who still dominate Google search results from videos created many months ago, Dr. Marc and Charlie are ready to help you.

It’s not possible to include ALL the videos created by Dr. Marc and Charlie… there are just WAY too many. But here is an additional selection of them so you can see their style. And though some will say to “click a link below,” those links are on the original pages: THIS page is to show you the varied style of videos these two bald guys create for their clients.

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Product-Demonstration Video
iPads and iPad Case from Papier de Maison: Best Friends Forever!

Music Video for CD Release
Giving A Sample, Sending People To Your Website

Time-Lapse, Attention-Grabbing Video
Swarthmore Presbyterian Church – Moving Quickly To A New Pipe Organ!

One-Of-A-Series Video
Ken Betterton – Apolo Ohno Body Guard during 2002 Olympics

Market-Domination Video
My Child Won’t Let Me Brush His Teeth

Business-Promotion Video
Turn Your Business Card into a Marketing Brochure!

eBook-Promotion Video
Video Sales Revealed eBook Released

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