Marketing With Passion – Business Spotlight Interview With Dr. David Dillon

Modern Dentistry, Old Fashioned Care: How To Market With Passion

A Business Spotlight Interview

by Dr. Marc Kossmann

Here at The Video Marketing Guys, Charlie and I have become fascinated to the point of obsession with the question of WHY. Why do you do what you do? Of all the business ventures and professions you could have chosen, you went down one particular path. Well, some of us have gone down many! But behind your choice lies the answer to the question of WHY. You’ll be hearing a LOT about our passion for Online Video Marketing in the information we continue to share with you and why we feel it’s critical that you get passionate about sharing your passion through the power of Online Video Marketing.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr. David Dillon of Dillon Family Dentistry in Rosemont, PA. His WHY is quite evident. He’s the second generation dentist in the family and the third generation in the dental profession. His grandfather was passionate about teaching local dentists to keep the focus on the patient and not to get distracted by the rapidly shifting technology. And Dr. Dillon worked together with his father for seven years before taking over the practice. Together they developed their philosophy of Modern Dentistry, Old Fashioned Care. Throughout our interview, the theme of passion as a driving force in the growth, development, and marketing of a professional practice or small business was evident. Join us for this Business Spotlight Interview.

Learn how you can profit from online video marketing in growing your business or professional practice. Don’t miss this Business Spotlight Interview with Dr. David Dillon, dentist in Rosemont, PA

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About Dr. Marc Kossmann

Dr. Marc Kossmann is a psychologist and entrepreneur specializing in online video marketing. His business partner, Charlie Seymour Jr, is the video-crazed MBA marketer with a passion for story telling that calls people to action. Together, they are The Video Marketing Guys.

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