Dr. Marc and Charlie Welcome You

Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr ARE The Video Marketing Guys. They help clients power their profits through video marketing, and they can do the same thing for you.

Dr. Marc and Charlie made the decision to team up after meeting twice a month over several years in a business-development group and discussing their mutual passion for marketing and business growth.

Their partnership is the chemical reaction that results from locking an entrepreneurial psychologist and a video-crazed MBA marketer in a room for too long. And now it’s time for you to join in their sweet madness.

And after working together only six months, they wrote a book in under 91 days and took it to #1 Best Seller on Amazon.com’s List for Entrepreneurs (Hey, You… Don’t Stand Out – Get Out!).

Recently they created TheVideoMarketingGuys.com to show local businesses how to power their profit through video marketing. They are ready to help YOU, too!



About Charlie Seymour Jr

Charlie Seymour Jr is the video-crazed MBA marketer with a passion for storytelling that calls people to action. He started on stage at age 6, directed his first video production at age 11, and has had his own video marketing company since 2000. His passion for video comes from knowing how important it is to saving the words, sounds, body language, and image of people we love and trust: nothing else takes its place.
And in addition to the work Charlie did while working closely with Dr. Marc, Charlie can now be found at his own website: See What Charlie's Up To Now - Click Here!
OH... and if you want to see the wild, crazy, and unleashed side of Charlie, go to his video blog that specializes in the life lessons taught by his toddler grandson: Lessons From My Grandson!
Get More From Charlie at: google.com/+CharlieSeymourJr, Facebook, and YouTube