Dr. Marc and Charlie Present at jvAlert Live Philadelphia

By Charlie Seymour Jr

jvAlert Live Philadelphia: Ken McArthur brought his powerfully-engaging format of connecting creative entrepreneurs back to his home territory and offered some terrific speakers to the interested and attentive crowd. (This was a NEW Presentation for Dr. Marc and me, The Video Marketing Guys, not the same one as we presented at the overflow-crowd event at AWeber a few months earlier.)

Here is the entire presentation by Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr, captured on video (as we mentioned in our presentation, YOU should record yourself every time you speak somewhere, too). Included are 8 of our most-seen videos PLUS a very special video created on location using Instagram Video).

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I totally enjoyed watching your video and listening to your weekly lessons sent via email.

Why did people applaud at the beginning and at the end? They applauded because your presentation was very engaging, very clear, and as always you two are very funny, actually you are hilarious!!! 🙂

You also made it very easy for anyone to understand why video is a ‘Must’ for every entrepreneur.

Carmen Dragomir

Here is some of the equipment we used to record this presentation and use in our studio. (Always assume that we may get paid a small amount as a referral fee for anything listed below.)

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Even if you don’t see what you think you want, click on one of these and then search further on Amazon, knowing that Dr. Marc and Charlie feel these are good products (and that there are, of course, others).

For our live presentations and in-studio use, Dr. Marc and Charlie use:

Canon Camcorders – make sure you get one with an external microphone input! Then be sure you have lots of storage cards. Sound is SO important to your recordings – we can’t emphasize that too much. Strange: people think your IMAGE is better when the SOUND is great.

Kodak Zi8 – these little work horses can load 12 hours of video on a 16 GB card at 720p. I used several of these while doing a documentary on a church reconstruction (when I had to leave the camera on all day to provide me material for some time-lapse video). They make no noise, stay cool, and unattended they have been totally reliable. AND… they’re really small – I even tape them to a wall, at times, and almost no one notices.

Storage Cards – you can NEVER have too much storage. We generally use 16GB cards (the same cards fit in the Canon and Zi8 cameras) but getting a few 32GB cards now that the prices have fallen will be helpful. We always have several spares, in case we record something but can’t get to downloading it right away. REPEAT: you can NEVER have too much storage. AND… load your cards to a laptop or other storage device before leaving your venue – lose your information ONE time and you’ll be SO glad you took this extra step!

Audio Technical Wired Mics – when recording at a short distance without much movement, we like these little wired mics. Easy to store and set up. Just check the button battery often since there’s not battery meter on it. We use these often when we have a two-person interview where the cameras stay in one location. By using a wired mic and not a wireless, there is no chance of interference and the sound stays cleaner.

Dual Wireless Mics – you can always use just one but we want to be sure we always have enough for both of us, such as at jvAlert Live Philly. So spend a bit more and get a dual lapel wireless system. SOMETIMES there is interference or the signal drops. The set we use are not the high-end mics, but within a single room in a hotel, they work great. Listen for yourself to this presentation – it’s THIS system that we use.

Blue Microphone Snowball – when you see us in a webinar setting, you may have seen this attractive mic. It plugs into your USB port – you can record podcasts OR do a backup audio recording with it. Works well and is now recognized instantly by most computer operating systems.


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Dr. Marc and Charlie Present at jvAlert Live Philadelphia

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