Marketing The Million Dollar Practice – Business Spotlight Interview With Dr. Bill Williams

Marketing The Million Dollar Practice

A Business Spotlight Interview

by Dr. Marc Kossmann

Some people have been using online video marketing for a long time to market and grow professional practices. Join Dr. Marc Kossmann as he interviews Dr. Bill Williams, Atlanta, GA dentist, dental practice marketing consultant, author, radio show host, and pioneer in the use of online video marketing for dental practices. Click the video to watch or use the link to download the mp3 podcast version. Video marketing in general and online video marketing in particular used to be out of reach for many. Not so any longer. You don’t need to be a dentist to find value in this interview. There are great ideas for you to apply right away as you grow your business or professional practice.

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Learn how you can profit from online video marketing in growing your business or professional practice. Don’t miss this Business Spotlight Interview with Dr. Bill Williams, dentist in the Atlanta, GA area for over 40 years. Dr. Williams grew his dental practice by half a million dollars each year for 10 years before selling his practice. As a dental practice marketing consultant, Dr. Williams teaches his clients how to generate $15,000 of revenue per day. Learn how Dr. Williams used the Internet to grow and sell multiple dental practices over the years.

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About Dr. Marc Kossmann

Dr. Marc Kossmann is a psychologist and entrepreneur specializing in online video marketing. His business partner, Charlie Seymour Jr, is the video-crazed MBA marketer with a passion for story telling that calls people to action. Together, they are The Video Marketing Guys.

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