Business Spotlight Interviews

Presented by Dr. Marc And Charlie, The Video Marketing Guys. Every week, Dr. Marc Kossmann publishes another Business Spotlight Interview with a business owner or professional exploring how the Internet, social media, and video are impacting their business. How does the web change the way you market your business or professional practice, and how does it change the way customers, clients, or patients find you and interact with you? There are powerful marketing lessons to learn in each interview. Think outside the box of your own profession. Learn from the experience of others and consider joining Dr. Marc as a guest on the show! Go to

Talking Online Video Marketing With Optometrist Dr. James Hall

by Dr. Marc Kossmann Google+ I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. James Hall in Ardmore, PA. Dr. Hall is an optometrist and owner of Ardmore Eye Care. Our conversation covered a variety of topics about his practice and about the marketing of an optometry practice in this era of the Internet, social […]

5 Online Video Marketing Strategies For A Professional Practice – A Business Spotlight Interview With Dr. Shireen Malik

by Dr. Marc Kossmann Google+ I recently had the great pleasure of meeting with Dr. Shireen Malik, owner of Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Center City Philadelphia for a Business Spotlight Interview. In our talk we identified 5 great ways you could be using online video marketing to develop a private practice or small business. […]

Marketing With Passion – Business Spotlight Interview With Dr. David Dillon

by Dr. Marc Kossmann Google+ Here at The Video Marketing Guys, Charlie and I have become fascinated to the point of obsession with the question of WHY. Why do you do what you do? Of all the business ventures and professions you could have chosen, you went down one particular path. Well, some of us […]

Marketing The Million Dollar Practice – Business Spotlight Interview With Dr. Bill Williams

by Dr. Marc Kossmann Google+ Some people have been using online video marketing for a long time to market and grow professional practices. Join Dr. Marc Kossmann as he interviews Dr. Bill Williams, Atlanta, GA dentist, dental practice marketing consultant, author, radio show host, and pioneer in the use of online video marketing for dental […]