5 Online Video Marketing Strategies For A Professional Practice – A Business Spotlight Interview With Dr. Shireen Malik

5 Video Marketing Strategies For A Professional Practice And More

A Business Spotlight Interview

by Dr. Marc Kossmann

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting with Dr. Shireen Malik, owner of Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Center City Philadelphia for a Business Spotlight Interview. In our talk we identified 5 great ways you could be using online video marketing to develop a private practice or small business. As a bonus, we also discussed strategies for using social media and blogging to build a strong relationship with your clients, customers, patients, or prospects.

Here are three great marketing lessons that are quite evident in looking at how Dr. Malik runs her practice:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Show Empathy For Their Problems And Concerns
  • Give Them What They Really Want

Clearly, she has taken the time to understand what it’s like to feel anxious and fearful of going to the dentist. She demonstrates a clear understanding that some people have suffered trauma in their lives, and there is just something that can be quite triggering about a dental exam. And her understanding has been translated into her style as a clinician and her careful attention to details in how she has created the atmosphere in her practice. These are three lessons we can all be applying in how we develop our businesses.

When it comes to online video marketing, we cover five powerful reasons why you should be using video in marketing your professional practice or business:

  1. Show Your Warmth And Personality Through Video – Don’t Settle For Your Professional Label
  2. Get Found Online Through The Power Of Online Video
  3. Automate Your Frequently Asked Questions and Educational Content With Video
  4. Testimonials – You Need Them And Video Makes Them Engaging
  5. Video Is A Powerful Story Telling Medium And Stories Are Memorable

Video can put a human face and a warm personality onto what otherwise is simply a professional category. Don’t let someone project onto you what they think you do when you say, “I’m a dentist,” “I’m an attorney,” “I’m a physician.” Let them “meet” you right when they’re researching their problems and concerns online.

Nothing that you’re doing on your website means much if no one can actually find you in the first place. Creating video segments and publishing them out to a variety of video sharing sites gets your online video content indexed multiple times by the search engines. It also potentially creates links back to your main website helping raise the visibility of that site.

Do you find yourself repeating certain information over and over again? This is the definition of a frequently asked question. Creating FAQ and education video segments is a great way to give people what they’re looking for right in the moment they are looking for it. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and then invite them to learn more or learn how to apply this general answer to their specific circumstances by contacting you directly.

Gathering testimonials is a very important component of providing people with “social proof” that you are what you say you are and you do what you say you do. Whether you ask for testimonials directly, whether you receive them spontaneously, whether they are being posted to online review sites, whether you send out customer satisfaction surveys, you are going to end up with written testimonials. There are some clever strategies you can employ to create much more engaging video versions of those written testimonials. And, while it’s not appropriate for every profession, having a happy and satisfied client or patient tell their story right to the camera is pretty powerful social proof.

And speaking of stories, online videos incorporated into your professional practice marketing can make you memorable because we human beings are wired to think in terms of stories. It’s pretty hard to conceive of a video that is not some form of mini-story. Even a testimonial has a “plot” that flows from a person with a problem, to the discovery of a solution (hopefully YOU), and then the experience of happiness or relief after successfully employing your solution. Stories stick in people’s minds.

As a bonus, we also covered two other very important online marketing approaches that are much easier to manage when you turn to online video marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging

Dr. Malik’s practice is a great place to learn more about, especially if you are the kind of person who has been putting off seeing a dentist or getting the cosmetic procedures you really want because of fear or anxiety. She has created a practice atmosphere that is all about feeling peaceful, supported, cared for, and understood. I mean, how many dental practices have aromatherapy in every exam room?

You can learn more about Dr. Shireen Malik and Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center  at http://www.nicholascosmeticdentalcenter.com/

To learn more about Online Video Marketing, start at http://TheVideoMarketingGuys.com



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